Tuesday, 22 November 2011

An interesting tip which may help you get started.

This is a mixture of advice and a product sales pitch.

The important thing is that you really can try this and if you do not feel happy and see results in a reasonable time, "Get your Money Back".

This one looks very worthwhile. Here is my first link.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

24 Hour Business

24 hour Business.

Start an internet Business – Ewen Chia

I have recently started to follow Ewen Chia’s internet business course, and this after having tried many other internet business opportunities only one of which has generated any income so far.

Ewen gives good advice on starting an internet business which is beautifully clear and very complete. Starting your own business is in fact not as easy as many of the gurus would like you to believe. In many cases only general advice is provided and then it turns into a sales pitch to buy a product that is incomplete.

Ewen provide very precise instructions for each step of the process of getting a business set up and operational. What I like about it is the screen shots of each action you need to take, both for setting up a blog, and the very important stage of getting it crawled by the search actions. This is the bit of the process that has given me problems before.

I have now followed the process and expect to see the results shortly.