Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Things not working

Well here we are in 2012 and have still not made any progress toward making a fortune on the Internet.

Why not? Here are some of the lessons and frustrations that I am learning from.

Firstly buying a product that offers to do a lot of the grunt work for me. The price is often low, but as soon as it arrives it tells me that I should buy this expensive upgrade in order to really do well, get extra web sites etc, to drive the business.

This really gets me upset and I usually take my refund and stop using the product.

Secondly I find that as I have a Mac computer the software will not run on it. If I want to use it on my machine I need more software and a costly Windows system.

As I have a very limited budget, and it is never really clear if a product will help me get worthwhile results I found 2011 a frustrating time.

So what will I do differently in 2012? Well, this is not yet sure. I have a couple of ideas and will let you know shortly.

Best regards to all my readers, and I wish you lots of success in this New Year.

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